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Your referee starts with a "risk-FREE" one month trial offer & can cancel any time. They get access to tips, strategies, courses & other content, some at added fees, so you can earn more commissions. 
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When your referee subscribes to our membership site or buys a course, you can earn 20% commission! The more they buy, the more you earn. 

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By signing up as a referral partner, I’ll have the opportunity to earn a passive income. 

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Access to the "Partner Center" where I can see the latest referrals, pending commissions and a commission history.  
Plus, access to any sales contests where I compete with other partners. 

I can earn a passive income based on the number of referrals I make who subscribe to the membership site and any courses.   

I understand and agree that this "referral partner program" pays commissions based on last referrer and that cookies will never expire. That means that a lead who clicks on my link can come back weeks or months later to sign up and if my link was the last one they clicked on before signing up, then I'll be eligible to receive commissions from purchases they make for any product or service in the program, as long as I am an active Referral Partner. 

I also understand that I can earn 20% commissions for subscriptions to the  membership site and for any tip or course in which I refer a contact who was not previously opted-in to the database. Based on these provisions, I will earn commissions from these product sales as long as the referee is a current subscribed member and I am an active Referral Partner.     

I also understand that the "referral partner program" commissions are paid ONLY after I accumulate $100 or more in commissions.    

My referees can earn points that they could redeem for discounts against future purchases. With each purchase they make, I can earn more.

Referees can gain access to the membership site and start any course they sign up for as long as they are a subscribed member. There are no refunds.  

My referees can come back to any course they sign up for and its lessons at anytime as long as they remain a subscribing member. 

To sign up as a referral partner and start earning a passive income, I'll complete and submit the form. 

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